Redesign of XFINITY bill pay and account management website



In 2014-15, I worked with Comcast to redesign the self-care features of the XFINITY website, where customers log in to pay bills and manage their account.

SitemapThe design was intended to meet business goals including reducing support calls, allowing customers to view and manage all services, and promoting appropriate upgrades.


Our initial concepting phase in 2014 explored creative solutions to meet the business goals, as well as multiple approaches to design and build the new functionality.

Upon agreeing to a concept, we began the design phase in early 2015. The project used an iterative design methodology focusing on the highest-priority features first. We had weekly reviews with client stakeholders to share progress, and identify and resolve issues.

PaymentThe project activities and deliverables included:

We also conducted task-based user testing with existing and prospective subscribers to evaluate the usability of the new design solution, through use of the functional prototype. This helped us identify pain points for users that we addressed in subsequent iterations.

Finally, we provided documentation of the design system to the technical team. Artifacts included:

Development and launch of the project is TBD by Comcast's technical team.