Rosemary Hallgarten

Responsive, e-commerce website for luxury textile designer

New Collection


Seven years after launching Rosemary Hallgarten's initial e-commerce website, Lofthouse Design again worked with the luxury textile design company to create a new, responsive, e-commerce website in 2015.

SearchThe challenge was to create a site that provides inspiration to interior designers and trade professionals as they search for rugs, fabric, and accessories that can be customized for their own high-end clients.


We began by meeting together with Rosemary and her team to discuss in what ways the old site was successful, what new features were needed, and other changes that would affect the design of the new site.

After assessing possible solutions, we chose to implement a custom Shopify site. Using Shopify provided a great base feature set, while allowing us to create a custom experience appropriate for Rosemary Hallgarten's needs and audience.

MobileThe new site includes:

Using Shopify's interface, non-technical staff can process orders, maintain inventory, add new products, etc.


The new Rosemary Hallgarten site launched in the late summer 2015. Online sample requests increased by more than 400% in the first month of release. And our clients received customer feedback stating, "The design of the new website matches the beauty of your physical products."

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